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Joomla!® - Our Preferred CMS

Joomla!® is a free, award-winning content management system which is allows website owners to easily publish their content to the web without learning complex computer programming. Creative Diesel includes this free CMS with the purchase of any website layout and hosting package.

Easy for Website Beginners

Joomla!® makes it simple to edit pages on your website. Start by logging into your private administrative panel, and accessing the "Article Manager". You'll be presented with all of the pages on your website, as well as a full service web editor. Make your changes, save your changes, and you're all set!
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Robust to Meet Business Demands

Joomla!® is a platform designed to scale with your individual needs. Whether you need a simple 5 page website, or demand an extensive web portal with several thousands of pages, Joomla!® can handle the workload. As an added benefit, website owners that use the Joomla!® CMS enjoy the benefits of several thousands of extensions to further build their websites. There is virtually no limit to the scalability of your website with Joomla!® as your CMS.
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Extensions Galore!

Listed below are only a handful of extensions available when using Joomla!® as your content management system. Contact us for details on availablity, installation, and pricing.

  • Newsletter Tools
  • Large Photo Galleries
  • Social Media Features
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Calendar of Events
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Multimedia Showcasing
  • Advertising Manager
* Extensions listed above are not included with website packages. Please Contact Support about pricing and installation.
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