Listed below are the various features included when you purchase a Creative Diesel Website Package.
3 Layout Options - CreativeDiesel.com
3 Layout Options
Choose between 3 exclusive website layouts. Sinclair, our premiere classic website design. Hancock, a vibrant combination of color and style. Lastly, Phillips, a clean sophisticated look compassing a lighter color combination.

Choose from 6 Colors - CreativeDiesel.com
6 Vibrant Colors
Once ordered, you'll have the option to change your website color scheme between any one of the following colors: Red, Green, Blue, Gray, Brown, Black.

Simple Webpage Editing - CreativeDiesel.com
Easy Webpage Editing
Creative Diesel Website Packages come complete with a free copy of the Joomla!® Content Management System. Easily edit your website pages and publish your content to your web in seconds.

Menu Manager - CreativeDiesel.com
Site Menu Manager
Each website template includes set of generic page titles. Edit these page titles and menu manager to suit your own preferences.

Photo Gallery - CreativeDiesel.com
Simple Photo Gallery
Create an online photo gallery by uploading images through your private admin panel.

Collect Visitor Inquiries - CreativeDiesel.com
Collect Visitor Inquries
Collect visitor inquiries through your own contact form. All data is stored in your private admin panel. You'll receive an email each time a new site visitor completes your online form.

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